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Californians pay the highest gas tax, sales tax and income taxes in the nation and the state is routinely cited as one of the highest-taxes states in the nation. We are already paying $7 billion more in state taxes this year and the state has a $5 billion surplus.  Yet the Sacramento politicians continue to want more. We need to hold the politicians accountable and hold the line on more tax increases. ACT NOW

AB 69 (Perea) Will Delay Hidden Gas Tax


AB 69 would delay the inclusion of transportation fuels under the cap-and-trade system for one compliance period, or three years, while maintaining the current structure of the program. During the delay mandated by AB 69, California can take a leadership role in educating consumers why fuels are being included in the cap-and-trade program. The long term success of California’s emission reduction efforts are contingent on continued support from all Californians. If the State rushes into a program that is not fully vetted and discussed, it could result in significant dissent from the public and fundamentally undermine efforts to reduce emissions. READ MORE HERE

California’s Families are Threatened with Higher Costs at the Pump


California families are struggling. Our state taxes are already up $7 billion this year and the state has a $5 billion surplus. California families simply can't afford higher taxes or higher costs at the pump, which will also increase the costs of goods and services we use every day. California already has the highest gas taxes and the highest gas prices in the nation. Unfortunately, the California Air Resource Board has been working to implement a regulation that amounts to a new "hidden" gas tax on unsuspecting Californians! If the Legislature doesn't stop this proposal, in just a few months, we all could be paying at least 12¢ more per gallon at the pump - and possibly much more.   Read More Here   Write your legislators today and tell them that we need to delay implementation of this "hidden" gas tax regulation. Californians are not aware of this planned "hidden" tax and they deserve to understand it and what it means for their wallets so that they have time to adjust their budgets accordingly. 

Californians Pay Some of the Highest Taxes in the Nation - Sacramento Still Wants More


Despite $10 billion in new state spending on schools and a $5 billion budget surplus, politicians STILL want to raise our taxes Read more here and then SUBMIT A LETTER and tell Sacramento to get out of our pockets.

New $2 Billion Oil Tax (SB 1017) Hurts All Californians


SB 1017 (Evans) is a new $2 billion per year tax on oil production that ultimately will be paid by all Californians in higher energy costs and  increased costs for products we use every day. Everyone will pay more including small businesses, consumers and families. And the proceeds of this $2 billion annual tax will be earmarked for a special fund to be spent with little to no accountability to taxpayers. Read More  

Read Why Top Business and Tax Advocates Oppose SB 1017



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Who We Are

Californians Against Higher Taxes is a statewide coalition of more than 200 organizations and companies as well as more than 5,000 individual taxpayers. Together, we have been fighting to hold the line on taxes and instead, create more jobs by building a stronger economy. Members include the following:  
    • California Chamber of Commerce
    • California Taxpayers Association
    • National Federation of Independent Business - CA
    • Contra Costa Taxpayers Association
    • California Association of Independent Businesses
    • California Business Roundtable
    • California Retailers Association
    • California Grocers Association
    • California Retailers Association
    • San Diego Tax Fighters
    • Neighborhood Market Association
    • California Manufacturers and Technology Association
    • Kern County Taxpayers Association
    • Western States Petroleum Association
    • Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association
    • California Hotel and Lodging Association
    • California Independent Grocers Association
    • California Small Business Alliance
    • California Restaurant Association
    • Valley Taxpayers Coalition
    • California League of Food Processors
    • California Taxpayer Protection Committee
    • Orange County Taxpayers Association
    • Santa Barbara Taxpayers Association
    • Small Business Action Committee
    • United Californians for Tax Reform
    • Click here to download the full list.


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Tax Facts

FACT: Californians Pay the HIGHEST Gas Tax, Sales Tax and Income TAXES in the Nation

Californians are paying $7 billion more in taxes this year, making this one of the highest-taxed states in the nation.

CAHT  CA Tax Rates and surplus - ICONS ONLYThe California Taxpayers Association and the Tax Foundation spell out the details on California’s high-tax status. In addition to paying the highest gas, sales and income taxes in the nation, many other taxes we pay are among the highest. Read more at CalTax

And, we’re paying these increased annual California state taxes on top of more than 70 local tax increases and bond measures approved in 2012 as well as increased taxes at the federal level.

FACT: School Funding Will Increase by $10 Billion and the State Will Still Have a $5 Billion Budget Surplus

Governor Brown’s proposed budget includes an increase of $10 billion for schools. In unveiling his proposal, Governor Brown said, “After years of drought and cutbacks and pink slips for the teachers, we’re finally being able to provide a substantial amount of new money for all the schools of California.” Read more at EdSource

At the same time, our state has a $5 billion budget surplus.

Read the Governor’s statement on the budget

FACT: Despite All This, Politicians STILL Want to Raise Our TaxesCAHT - Budget Surplus

The budget proposes “record-high” state spending and still leaves us with a $5 billion dollar surplus. In announcing his budget, Governor Brown called for spending restraint and specifically said he believes this is not the time for higher taxes.

Despite this, Legislative leaders wasted no time in calling for more spending. “Moments after Gov. Jerry Brown presented his $107 billion spending plan Thursday and urged the Legislature to help him hold the line on spending, Democratic lawmakers called for new spending on social programs.” Read more in the SF Chronicle

CAHT - Issues Page SB1017 and 1156According to the California Taxpayers Association, legislators proposed more than $11 billion in new taxes in 2013, most of which remain active threats in the 2014 legislative session. Here are just a few of the targeted taxes proposed:

  • AB 2014 (Amiano) – dramatic increase in property tax by establishing a split roll property tax scheme – the first step in unraveling Prop. 13.
  • AB 1002 (Bloom)- Increases the Vehicle License Fee by $6.
  • SB 1017 (Evans)- Imposes a new tax on oil to create a brand new, unaccountable bureaucracy
  • SB 1156 (Steinberg) – A new carbon tax that would add 15 cents to a gallon of gas with additional increases in the future.
  • SB 700 (Wolk)- Creates a five-cent tax on single-use paper or plastic bags and will increase struggling Californians’ grocery bills.
  • SB 768 (De Leon)- Increases the tax on cigarettes by $2 per pack and a similar tax on other tobacco products, which will increase the black market demand for cigarettes, increase crime and hurt local businesses.

FACT: Raising Taxes Hurts the Economy, Drives Businesses Out of California
and Leads to Fewer Jobs

Tax Increase Bills - PlasticBag - FOR FACT SHEETAccording to a recent study, “The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council ranked California 50th in an extensive index measuring state policy measures on small business.” Read more at Fox and Hounds

Raising taxes again will only hurt California families and businesses; cost jobs and continue to stifle our economic recovery.

California taxes were just raised by $7 billion annually, the proposed state budget spends more than ever before and we still have a $5 billion surplus left over. This is not the time for Sacramento politicians to be raising taxes even higher.

Tax Increase Bills - Vehicle License FeeEnough is Enough.  

It’s Time to Tell Legislators to Keep Their Hands Out of Our Pockets

Join us in telling the Legislature to keep its hands out of the pockets of hardworking Californians by signing our No New Taxes Petition. To learn more about our efforts, please visit

California’s Families & Businesses are Threatened with Higher Prices at the Pump

Tax Increase Bills - Oil FOR FACT SHEET 3-5-14California’s Families and Businesses are Threatened with Higher Prices at the Pump

Unless our Elected Officials take action, California families and businesses will soon pay more at the pump – billions of dollars more per year. It will either be through SB 1156 which would implement an additional tax on a gallon of gasoline with the goal of reducing green-house gas emissions by taxing the usage of carbon fuels, or thru the “cap and trade” requirements of the Air Resources Board which would tax gas and diesel producers whose costs could be passed on to consumer at the pump.

California already has the highest gas taxes and the highest gas prices in the nation. Under SB 1156, the tax on carbon fuel is projected to rise gradually starting at an estimated 15 cents a gallon in the first year. In 2020, the new gas tax will cost 24 cents a gallon.

Higher Costs at the Pump, Grocery Store and at Home

Any increase at the pump will ultimately be paid by all Californians in higher energy costs and increased costs for the products we use every day – at a time when we can least afford it. California businesses use fuel to manufacture products, grow our crops and distribute goods, so higher gas taxes will be passed on directly to consumers. We won’t just pay more at the pump; we will pay more for goods and services – like food, energy and transportation that rely on oil and gas. Everyone will pay more, including small businesses, consumers and families.

SB 1156 Has a Goal of Limiting Our Ability to Drive the Vehicle of Our Choice

According to Senator Steinberg, “Under either a Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade applied fuel, consumers will pay more at the pump. That’s necessary. Higher prices discourage demand. If carbon pricing doesn’t sting, we won’t change our habits.” Senator Steinberg (Remarks, Sacramento Press Club, 2/20/14)

Same Promises, Different Bill

SB 1156 claims that it will inject one-third of the Carbon Tax revenues into a multi-billion dollar 21st Century development of California’s mass transit infrastructure to reduce traffic and pollution from cars using fossil fuels. Politicians in Sacramento keep singing the same tune with transportation taxes: they claim that if we pass this tax the money will be used for road repairs and public transportation. However, these same politicians have consistently looked to transportation funds to pay for other non-transportation projects – and there is nothing in this bill to prevent them from continuing this habit.

We Can’t Afford Another New Tax

Despite over $7 billion in higher sales and income taxes passed in 2012 and a $5 billion surplus in California, the politicians in Sacramento want even more. When Governor Brown released his budget in January of 2014 he was very clear, “I don’t think this is the year for new taxes.” Governor Brown (Sacramento Bee-1/9/14)

Californians Against Higher Taxes – a coalition of small businesses, taxpayer organizations, consumers and large employers – believes higher taxes will further hurt California’s struggling economy. Instead of continuing to raise taxes, the politicians in Sacramento should be focused on encouraging California businesses to grow and create more jobs.